Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…and not in a good way. I am riding an adrenaline fuelled ride at the moment, and its exhausting. My emotions go from soaring heights of happiness, plummeting to the depths of darkness and sadness. Overwhelmed by melancholy, every day is a struggle at the moment. So forgive me some angst filled posts…

But lets talk about JHB. What an awesome city, what amazing peeps and family, what a Bruce Springsteen concert! We arrived on Friday last week, headed off to do some shopping, and to see a chiropractor about my neck, which had gone into a spasm the night before, and then to catch up with our families. What a pleasure that was! We love our JHB family! 034 Saturday dawned with us playing a bit more, before getting ready to head to the concert. We had arranged to catch the metro trains from Park Station to the stadium, it was a system that worked really well. We arrived just after 7, as the opening act was starting, found our seats and settled in. Bruce arrived on stage after a slight technical delay, and he is impressive! For a 64 year old man, who bopped for 3 and a half hours, despite the pouring rain, in spite of his age, in spite of already having done 3 performances that week. Wowee! I can hope that I can have as much energy when I am 64! Because of the late start, we got home quite late, after catching the train, finding our cars (which had survived downtown JHB) and collapsed into bed.

Sunday was a strange day, fetching Thandi, running through a few more shops (you guys really have the best shops in JHB!),080 treating Thandi to a Wakaberry fro-yo, 075buying Tpants her first bicycle (with fairy wheels),087 catching the Gautrain and making it home, we were shattered. But home we were, safe and sound, after an exciting weekend.


  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

when you said you were going to see the boss I though it was a work thing 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

hehe, funny aunty!

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