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Curve balls and business minding

…just when you think you’re coping well with your infertility, life comes and throws you a curve ball. I can’t go into details, but a patient has really brought home my situation this morning, and I am reeling, ever so slightly. But her whole messy situation has also really brought home another little message which we were discussing at bible study on Tuesday. It’s time we all learnt to mind our own business. We have become such an irresponsible society. No-one wants to take responsibility for their actions and decisions anymore – someone else must make the calls, initiate the plans and solve the problems – and while you’re at it, just don’t tell me what to do, tell me what I want to hear, or else I’ll be angry! Ugh, I can’t win, can I. And this whole post sounds cryptic…


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  Renee wrote @

Hello, so glad you are back.

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