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Food experimenting

…so this weekend I did some experimenting. Charlie and I since early January have been eating a bit of a LCHF/paleo programme. You know, eggs for breakfast, salads for lunch and protein and salad for dinner, with protein snacks in between. So far it is working well for s in terms of a reduction in IBS symptoms (probably on the basis of dropping gluten) and weight loss (Charlie is over 6, and I’m on about 4), but it gets a bit monotonous, and for me, who loves being in the kitchen I’ve been downright miserable, not being able to cook and play. SO this weekend I did some experimenting. I stocked p on a whole lot of unusual ingredients, and started on Friday with a chocolate mousse, made with avocado and raw cacao, sweetened with a touch of honey or stevia. It was delicious, and one of those things, if you didn’t know there was avo in it, you would never have guessed! I topped it with some cacao nibs – nice for a bit of texture and crunch, and I could definitely envisage a berry coulis or something like that, complementing it. On Saturday I made some brownie bites, these were an interesting recipe with eggs, almond flour, coconut oil, raw cacao and honey or stevia again. and they hit the spot, served with a dollop of almond butter. Almond butter is like peanut butter, but about 50 % more palate sticking! (but very tasty) And then last night I made a staple of this kinda diet – Oopsie bread, which Charlie described as just like a McDonalds burger bun, so I reckon a success. Made with eggs, cream cheese and psyllium husks, its was as good as it gets in terms of bread. SO my soul sang a little, experimenting and seeing things turn out well was good. Ready to tackle this week now…



  drhf wrote @

Cauliflower rice is one of the winners I think. And need to perfect the wraps and pizza base. Then there is baby marrow spaghetti which is great! Sadly I can’t say no to mangoes!!
Hmm I think we will need to make a book of all our favourites!!
I think I may be doing the savoury and you the sweet…I’m not a baker!!

  countesskaz wrote @

Charlies bird, please make a folder or something with anything related to the paleo programme, as well where one can source the ingredients. Your ideas sound great…but where would buy the ingredients in your town?

  countesskaz wrote @

ooops typed very quickly and didn’t add a few words!

  Alexandra wrote @

Avo, cocoa and stevia makes a very nice ganache too šŸ™‚

  charliesbird wrote @

Hey, Kaz – look right!

  Donzil wrote @

Hmm, cream cheese bread can’t be bad!! Your u key playing up? Well done on the weight loss babe, that’s great.

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