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Interesting times

…you know that old Chinese curse, well, I’m tired of interesting times.

OBGYNwise there is a huge crisis and much panic in our country as our malpractice insurances skyrocket, more and more patients are being empowered to sue (rightly or wrongly), more and more OBGYN’s are quitting deliveries, and those of us left here, young enough to have many years ahead of us in our careers are starting to freak. I am a generalist in OBGYN terms. That means I deliver babies, do my own scans, see menopausal patients and their host of endocrine and urogynaecological problems, I see teenagers battling with puberty and early days, I see infertility patients. I see regular women in their reproductive years for check ups, menstrual issues… I see all things OBGYN. I am not a sub specialist and am unlikely to become one at this stage. But I find myself terrified. Our premiums are increasing so rapidly, even our insurer says that by 2020, which is only 6 years away, private obstetrics will no longer exist in our country, which is a horrifying prospect. They (our insurers) are muttering about withdrawing cover for South African obstetricians (they are an international company), and then what? I am faced with aging partners, who will likely stop doing deliveries, I am faced with wealthy partners who do not need the income from deliveries, I am faced with a small child who needs me to be able to financially secure her future. It is a crisis. One I do not see a solution for. Our government has finally realised that a problem is brewing, but we understand that solutions at that level take time, and at a time when NHI is being promised and rolled out, ARV stocks have run low, MDRTB and XDRTB are rampant; this is not their priority. This is my crisis, these are my interesting times.

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