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Jingle Bells

…so, time for a Christmas catch up!

This year, we celebrated on Christmas Eve. I spend a good few days in the kitchen prepping and cooking, but it was good! I thoroughly enjoyed the time, and got to try some new and creative things. For starters I did canapés – melon wrapped in parma ham, salmon rolls, chicken tartlets, olive and tomato tartlets, savoury millionaires shortbread, and then a few crackers and cheese and olives thrown into the mix. I think it went down pretty well! Mains I did gammon – delicious- and I tried my first brined turkey (Thanks Nigella – and you know what I couldn’t care if you did or didn’t snort the drugs – you’re an inspired cook!), duck fat roasted potatoes, a 2 salads – a pea salad (green, you know) and a red salad (tomatoes’ red onions and red kidney beans). Pudding was my masterpiece. It was inspired by a chocolate gingerbread hose that I bought from our local chocolatier. I proceeded to make gingerbread ice cream, pears poached in muscadel, jelly from the poaching liquid, a sugar biscuit in the shape of a snowflake, and a truly magnificent ginger caramel slice, which was a unctuous toffee mix, coated in gingerbread crumbs – so delicious! I was so proud of myself. And also considering I made all of this in our little kitchen at the beach house, as opposed to mine, with all its gadgets at home. Saying that, I won’t do that again in a hurry, next Christmas, wherever we find ourselves, Christmas dinner will be at our house! I was hopeless at food photos this year, so apologies for the distinct lack.

We saved gifts for Christmas morning. There is something to be said for a little child to wake p and discover a boatload of gifts under the tree and in her stocking pillowslip. She had a blast! She came through to our room on Christmas morning, trying to put her panties on, having taken off her night nappie (did I mention, we’re potty trained – so proud of my girl!), and got quite annoyed with me, when I insisted we had to go and see what was in her room, but when she discovered it was presents, she was in her element! The Minnie dress we had bought her was one of the first things she opened, and had to be worn immediately! and her excitement grew with each gift she opened. In the end we didn’t give her all the gifts we had planned to, and I’m glad, because she would have been totally overwhelmed. As it was, she needed a good 2 hour nap to recover from all the gift opening! here are some of my photo highlights of the day.

063 071 087 095 103 116 123 127


  countesskaz wrote @

you are seriously an outstanding cook. happy New Year! love the photos of Thandi.

  Petro wrote @

Reading about all these yumminesses, makes me (almost) ready for another Christmas!!! Wow, well done!!!

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