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Christmas Cookie and Craft Beer Swop

…isn’t that alliteration impressive, my English teacher would be impressed!

Ok, so last night Charlie and I hosted a (soon-to-be-annual) Swop. The book club girls all brought 6 packets of biscuits, and then each of us went home with 6 assorted packets; and the boys each brought a 6 pack of craft beer, and again, each went home with 6 different beers to taste and enjoy!

It was great! Everybody went to so much trouble! The biscuits were beautiful! I made ginger bread hoses, filled with sweeties, and with a roof encrusted with chocolate coated popping candy, and candy floss smoke rising out a chimney. Check it out!

So we sat around the table, sharing some good food, memories and some wine. A great start to the Christmas season!


  countesskaz wrote @

saw MJ’s photos on facebook. Excellent idea. so impressed with what you all came up with.

  Renee wrote @

What a locely idea – well done!

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