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Foodie delights

…ok, so after a rough weekend on call, (well, rough Monday, not so much weekend) I am a bit shattered. An old varsity mate visited with her family – so nice to catch up again! More on that later. A highlight of the festive season happens tonight – a soon to be Annual Christmas Cookie Swop – my book club girls are descending on the house with bags of cookies to swop and trade. Yay! The boys are doing a craft beer swop, so they have been sourcing and chilling too! Anyway, I will give a proper report back on that tomorrow.


So I am finally going to share my experience at Luke Dale-Roberts’s The Test Kitchen, which we ate at while in Cape Town. Bear in mind there is about a 3-4 month wait to get in, so this was a long time planning. For those that don’t know this restaurant was voted the best in SA this year, and Luke was voted best chef in SA in 2011 –  some pretty impressive credentials. Anyway, our meal was incredible, and I doubt I will ever eat such incredible stuff again.

The menu was magnificent! We arrived to a bottle of MCC and a little amuse bouche. 299 There was a billionaires shortbread – a parmesan biscuit, topped with foie gras and chocolate , dusted with goldleaf , a peppered mackerel in a pastry case and a beetroot pickle, with beetroot jelly and pine nuts, served in a Japanese mint leaf – delicious, delicate.

Next up was some bread 313 There was a pretzel stick, a baguette and a country loaf, served with home made jersey butter. really tasty bread, all with unique tastes and characteristics.

There was another little amuse bouche – a home dried tomato, served with an aubergine puree and goats cheese mousse. 314 If this is how the meal begins – well! Bring it on!

Then it was the first actual course – Pickled fish 317 ceviche with a lightly curried sauce, with carrots in various forms.

Next up I had this 319 Foie gras with a cinnamon poached guava, halva coquette and pulled biltong.

Following this was the Pork Belly, with parsley pressed apples, rosemary infused honey, blue cheese cream and crackling. And sorry, I forgot to take a picture before I started eating…

Followed by a palate cleanser – ‘Green’ 324 mint and apple and lemon deliciousness!

Then mains 327 I had a springbok fillet, wrapped in bacon, served with a skilpaaitjie (Springbok liver wrapped in caul), garlic cream, honeyed stuffed beetroot. So incredible, I can hardly describe!

Dessert was next 336Rhubarb Rose – a rhubarb terrine, poached in rose wine and rose water, rose granita, roasted strawberry butter, strawberry foam and clotted cream – indescribably beautiful…

We were then presented with a tray of sweets to finish the meal – a wine gum (made with real wine) a chocolate salted caramel creation and something else, which I cannot remember! And sorry, no photo at that stage of the evening.

Each course was paired with a wine – so very well done, each one complimented the food and the food brought out new dimensions in the wine. Agh, it was just perfect!

If I can offer you any advice – book, go, and throw caution to the wind. An incredible experience! Loved, loved, loved it!



  MJ wrote @

I read this while goggling down a KFC twister … the more I read the worse it tastes.

  charlie wrote @

thanks Love and others who helped arrange this dinner . That was the best food i have ever eaten in a restaurant .[ home cook way better 😉 I can officially claim the title of food snob now that we’ve eaten there . Wow ! must do again , i’ll start saving ……..

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