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Cooking class

…so last night I attended another cooking class with my cheffy friend. It was fantastic. I arrived quite stressed and worked up, work has been totally unbelievable and stressful the last few weeks, and I am hanging on by a thread (3 more sleeps), so it took me a while to unwind and relax, and once we got laughing, it was great fun. A smaller class than usual, but still a heap of fun, and such tasty easy recipes to impress the family with. There was a spicy chicken wing (done on the braai) on salsa –  yummy; that got the tongue woken up, rapidly cooled down with the salsa. 025 Then a chicken and bacon bite, stuffed with blue cheese (done on the braai too) – delicious and moist. 029 A chourizo and sweet potato burger – a taste fest! 040 Braai breads – bacon and beer flavoured complemented the burger well. 036 An artichoke and pea pasta was heavenly – my dish of the day. 034 And we finished with ice cream and a salted caramel sauce – wowee! 042And I finished in a vastly better mood! So that’s to the friends, the food and the teacher to saving my day!


  Renee wrote @

So glad, you managed to unwind. Amazing how you unwind when you doing fun things, like me at scrapping last night so relaxed when i got home.

  Gaelyn Cokayne wrote @

That all looks so good!! Where do you do the classes?

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