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Sad Friday

…Traffic offenses abound, and got my goat this morning. I won’t go into details, but I’ll just say that some people drive as though they have blue lights in their cars. Driving like idiots in the emergency lane, and driving me mad! Anyway.

So the weekend is ahead – I have a patient in labour that seems like she might sabotage things somewhat, a funeral (more on that to come), a pizza evening, a concert and hopefully a massage…

Our family priest has died. A man I have endless time for – he married us, christened Thandi and I have always felt a special connection to him. I remember a moment shortly after he joined our parish, I was an intern, I had just suffered a needlestick injury from an HIV positive patient and was suffering through the side effects of ARV’s. In the queue at the annual Shrove Tuesday pancake evening he and I got chatting about medicine and being a doctor, and he asked me if I was not afraid of HIV, at which point I burst into tears and shared with him what I was enduring at the time. He then shared that his brother had died of complications from HIV, in a time before ARV’s, and from that moment on, we shared a bond. He somehow managed to figure out exactly when I was testing (and you have a lot of those), and somehow always whispered a prayer for me at communion, such a quiet support from someone who understood the fears. In later years he counselled Charlie and I through our marriage preparation, not an easy task with an atheist and a Christian; he accepted without judgement Charlie’s views and cheered us through a very happy day, which was coincidentally his own wedding anniversary too! He shared his infertility struggle with us, when we were battling in those trenches, offering moments of hilarity in those dark days (because if you can’t laugh, you’ll only cry), rejoiced with us in our pregnancy and, as I mentioned christened madam Thandi. He’s been an incredible support to our family through my Mom’s illnesses – so appreciated. I haven’t been the greatest church attender, but I am already missing him. christening day! 086Rest well, Colin.


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Nice words. x

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