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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


… at getting this body healthy again! Crikey! I am battling to get over this viral infection that I caught from Thandipants. I’m still congested, headachey and miserable. The coughing is marginally improved, fortunately. But I am still really tired, and just battling to shake this ‘ill’ feeling. Every evening I vow I am getting up for a run the next day, and every morning I wake up not yet better… My GP friend keeps telling me I must wait before I exercise, she’s been helping out our cardiothoracic surgeon, and says they are seeing too much heart muscle damage in young people who exercise too soon during a viral illness, so I guess I must listen. It’s just so damn frustrating! And this morning throw in a tweaked back muscle, I feel like a crock!

Last night Charlie and I had a lovely dinner out, we ate at a little Portuguese tavern, and had a great meal of tapas and seafood. Yum! It was good to reconnect and chat without any pressure from social networks or the TV, we really do need to schedule more Tech-free Time. Next step in my recovery, I think, might be a massage…


  countesskaz wrote @

I’m going to preach a bit here…so brace yourself. STOP being so hard on yourself. You’re such a perfectionist that you want to reach this goal, reach that goal etc. And its AWESOME, I’m so jealous of your drive and sense of pride in your body and its health etc. But the fact is you can’t….so just take a deep breathe and enjoy the time off to do all the things you’ve been wanting to do. Your body is telling you something. Embrace this unaccounted for extra spare time and explore something new. Its only for a few days. Its YOUR time.

Extra Thandi time.


I hope we can still be friends. 😉

  charliesbird wrote @

Of course we can still be friends. I hear you, but once a type A personality, always one. I am trying to embrace the downtime 🙂

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