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Hard weekend

…it was rough. I wasn’t so busy from a deliveries point of view, but I had lots of sick gynae patients, patients loosing long awaited pregnancies… It was hard, emotionally taxing and I am now tired. My holiday feels very far away now…

I had composed lots of interesting posts in my head this weekend, there’s the one about my love affair with JHB, there was another crafty update, there was the one about my social weekend, but alas. I feel like I should be in sack cloth today, and so you are stuck with a struggling doctor today.

I find it hard sometimes to draw the line, I was always taught to treat patients like my own family, so that means I get involved emotionally. (less now than before), but still, so when patients make decisions I disagree with, or don’t use that rather un-common sense I get so frustrated. Conceiving a pregnancy with a life threatening illness (despite being told not to), and then not allowing me to treat your life threatening illness is very hard. Who bears the consequence of the loss – not you, because you believe I should have saved your pregnancy, not your religion which dictates your treatment, because your faith must have been deficient – but me, who will be forever haunted by that look in your eyes when I told you it was over; me, who will mull over every clinical decision I made during your pregnancy; me who will question God and his seemingly merciless approach to your life, his casual disregard of your belief.

So before you write us all off as heartless money grubbers, remember what keeps me awake at night, what robs me of sleep… The burden of responsibility is high.

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