Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Planning and thinking

…and I have almost survived a diseased week back at work. Glad it is nearly done; although I am on call this weekend, I’m hoping the babies behave! So this weekend we have a braai planned with our German friends, their daughter is a little older than Thandi, but I am sure they will play up a storm, and then Sunday lunch with old friends. Nice! If the babies cooperate.

I am working on a few crafty projects, so I hope to get some more done over the weekend. Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m going to need to get my projects done for my friends’ gifts. Hmm… I am rather short on ideas this year. Might be time to trawl Pinterest again. I find I have an all or nothing approach to Pinterest, I either spend hours and hours pouring over things there, or I don’t browse for weeks. Another time thief! Although, I do get excited when I start to browse ideas, especially Christmas ones! What are you guys all up to this Christmas, or is it just too early to ask?


  MJ wrote @

As far as Pinterest is concerned – I am busy with the Guinness Reindeer – and will be doing wine bottles too – so browse on past that one oh “Crafty One!”

  Bianca wrote @

Please can we see some of these crafts — always sounds so interesting, so lets see some pics

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