Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The sweetness

…of life. Ah, man, I had a good weekend! Made me so pleased to be a friend, wife, daughter and parent. Nice.

Friday we shared a meal with my parents, watching them interact with my gorgeous girl was wonderful. She played up a storm in the play area at a local pizza joint, and we relaxed and shared a good meal. Saturday morning was magnificent – the sun was up, no wind, clear skies, so I headed off for a run which ended at the beach, where Thandi and Charlie were waiting for me. Man, it was idyllic. I felt great after my run, Thandi had so much fun on the beach and Charlie and I got to share that perfect morning together. Then after a shower and some chores, it was back home, to relax in the garden, next to the pool, enjoying the glorious sunshine. Later that afternoon DrHF and her family arrived for the night. It was such a glorious day I decided we needed something light for supper, so I made a curried rooibos chicken salad (kinda like a local take on coronation chicken – too delicious!) and served that with some bread, crackers and cheese – yum! We finished off the evening with a slice of lemon polenta cake and strawberries. A good, good evening. Yesterday the weather was rather foul, so a quick Eggs Benedict for breakfast at the beach, then a drive to show them the old sites, and then they were off, on their way to KZN. We had a very quiet rest of the day, and then last night I started work on decorating my Santa Shoeboxes. Have you signed up yet? submissions are at the end of the month!

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