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Friday Feast

…and Friday is here, awesome! I am tired, its been a busy week, and I am looking forward to some R&R. DrHF and her parents are on their way to KZN and spending a night with us on the way. So it’ll be cool to catch up again!

Curry Club was great. I really enjoyed the challenge of putting together a meal like that. I enjoyed making new things, experimenting ever so slightly and just seeing people enjoy my food was so nice! The starters worked well, thanks to the neighbours loaning us their deep fryer, I’ve never had one and have always been a little nervous of them, but man, they do make things so much easier! I did cauliflower, corn and paneer (indian cottage cheese) fritters – divine! Mains worked well, with a base of lemon and ginger rice, I served my Keralan Peppered lamb, Creamy Chcicken Masala, Sabzi aur Channe (vegetable and chickpea curry), Saag Paneer (spinach and paneer) and cumin potatoes. I really enjoyed the veg curry, it was a new one for us, and the flavours were gorgeous! I fried off some onion, bay leaves and cardamom, made a yoghurt mixture with dry spices, cooked that off, added baby marrow, cauliflower, beans and potato, cooked that off and then finished the dish with some cream. A fresh take on things. Pudding was the Rosewater and Cardamom Pannacotta with roasted pistachios and a ginger biscuit. Sadly, I forgot to photograph it, but it was gorgeous! And the flavour combination of the rosewater and the roasted pistachios was divine! The guests seemed to eat well and enjoy it, so winner all round!

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  Renee wrote @

Sounds divine and fun – glad went well. Have a wonderful weekend.

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