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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The problem is

… my anonymity is disappearing. When I began m blog, I had a handful of readers, mainly friends in far flung places who kept up with my day-to-day life. It was good, and as TAFKAD said, it was kinda like living next door, she felt like she never missed out on my daily grind. But now, I am read by a few more people – friends near and far, strangers who have stumbled across me, internet acquaintances… and I am finding that I have to do quite a bit of editing before I hit publish on a post. What that means is you’re getting a very sanitised version of my raw emotions. While that in itself isn’t a problem, I’ve begun to question why I blog. I guess my main motivations are to have a diary to process stuff in my daily life; it’s a bit of a record of Thandi’s life; it’s a way of keeping in touch; and there is a lot of communication for me (which is really a bit sad) and a degree of value. So when I edit myself and I don’t spill those raw emotions, that I know could, in essence hurt someone else, or change the way they view me or deal with me, then I begin to wonder if I should still blog.


  countesskaz wrote @

You know, I totally understand what you mean. It’s put me off blogging too. I urge you to write uninhibitedly. I like those blog posts best.

  Mandy Collins wrote @

You have to be you on here. As soon as you start writing and are worrying about what people think, it’s going to be unsatisfying. If all else fails, start a new blog.

  MJ wrote @

Agreed with countesskaz – if you cannot express yourself freely what is the point – becomes hard work and not pleasure.

  Renee wrote @

Please dont worry about others, let yourself be yourself. We enjoy and if it helps you then why not. So dont stop!

  em’s mommy wrote @

U have to be urself…. dont edit and dont hold back
.. a blog is your little place on the web to say and do as u please….

If people dont they dont have to read it

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