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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Monday Sprints

…Wowee, but I was hectic yesterday! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, there was not a moment to spare!

The weekend was unexpected and good. By unexpected, I mean, we were packing for the beach house when Charles and I stressed out and decided we needed to sort out our shareholders agreement with our mountain partners, so after a quick call, it was decided, off to the Royally named town north of us on Saturday morning. it was a gorgeous day, albeit a bit windy in QT, and it was a fun walk down memory lane for me, I used to live in this town 13 years ago, working at the state hospital, I enjoyed looking at things, seeing how much change had and hadn’t happened! We had a good chat with our partners, and cleared a few issues. We meet with one of or attorneys this week to formalise the agreement. I am very relieved to have sorted all of that out. now we can get onto the fun stuff, planning, surveying and all of that. I can’t believe how long these things take…

Then Saturday night rolled along. Thandi had a great day, playing with her new friends, Shaunie had an amazing amount of lego, and she was in 7th heaven, more blocks than she knew what to do with. After a fun day, a bath, milk and bed, peace… until about 22h30, when she awoke possessed! She screamed at us from then until about 03h00, a few dozes inbetween, waking with louder yells. Our hearts were breaking for her. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, she didn’t have a temperature, after some suggestion told us her tummy was sore (although I remained unconvinced), and lots of loving, tummy rubbing and kissies, a spoon of honey and some iPad watching eventually calmed those shuddering sobs. I was mortified though that this had gone on in our friends home… they were great though. After a yummy full breakfast, we departed and made our way back home. Fortunately, she slept like an angel on the way back, and we have had few hassles since we got back. Night terrors? I don’t know.

Anyway, the week is looking busy, with partners going on holiday and that sort of a thing… Best I get to it!


  MJ wrote @

Glad that things are cleared up!

  em’s mommy wrote @

Em gets that…. wakes up with a loud cry… shaking and crying uncontrollably. . Nothing you say or do or ask makes it better… its like she still asleep but her eyes open and crying.
used to happen often but not to much as she got older

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