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of chef-ing and booking

…So at book club last night, JB and her other half, M set about  creating a masterchef inspired meal. It was magnificent! We started with the video store clerk’s goat’s cheese and walnut ravioli in Asian Broth (yumaroo!) followed by a delightful main (a la pressure test) of salt and pepper prawns on a bed of sweetcorn puree with chorizo, paprika popcorn and microgreens (divine!) and then completed with a chocolate slice. It really was lovely! Isn’t it amazing how the series has inspired home cooks all over the country. JB and M have been having weekly cook offs, trying different recipe’s each week. In fact our little book club is planning a masterchef mystery box challenge sometime! I’m far more aware of presentation, and thinking out of the box, with regards flavour pairings and combinations – loving this foodie revolution!

Talking of the series, I have really enjoyed the South African series, I am impressed with the neat and clean production, the pace of each episode and just how awesome that pantry is! I rooted for Kamini from the beginning, and enjoyed seeing her grow and develop as a cook. I think she is a very worthy winner!


  CR wrote @

Did you know that Masterchef was produced by someone from our town? He went to the Boys School. He can be really proud of a fabulous series.

  charliesbird wrote @

I did not, yes he can, it’s seriously slick!

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