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Car shopping

Charlie and I are looking for a new car, and, man, is it an interesting experience.

Landrover – what a pleasure, walk in, salesman comes and attends to us, not intrusive, but attentive and interested. Test drive vehicle, pleasant experience. Email with trade in valuation and quotes arrives less than a day later.

BMW – honesty is appreciated, “I want to sell you a car, but the facelift is coming out in November/December, and I’d rather sell you that.” Thank you for not trying to sell us an ‘old’ car.

Mercedes Benz – Walk in, prompt attention, “Take the car for the afternoon.” Again, what a pleasure, quote and valuation comes in  less than a day later.

Toyota – walk in, find salesperson, ‘You want to test drive a what? A prado?, no, I don’t have one of those, I ordered a demo in February and I don’t have it yet, not sure when it will come. I can show you my order form’ “But I want to buy one” ‘Ja, sorry… ‘ “I’m walking out your doors…” Giggle in the background…

Jeep – Walk in, salesman jumps up, shows us the vehicle, arranges a test drive, answers lots of questions, very efficient. Calls 4 hors later, working on quote and cannot read Charlie’s email address. Again, a pleasure

Volkwagen – a phone call from us, “Can we come and look at the Toureg?” ‘No, we don’t have one to show you.’ Again, seriously!

Audi – walk in, receptionist eventually notices us, she’ll get a salesperson to attend to us. after about 10  inuters a pleasant lady comes over, explains that the only salesperson on the floor is busy with a client! Really! Only one salesperson? Went elsewhere and returned later, 16h00 to be precise; can we test drive the Q5 or Q7, the response from the sales manager (not the person, note) is that it’s a bit late, it’s a bit of a schlep, because the Q5 has a bike attached to the roof racks. Can we come another day? again, seriously!

At all these car dealerships, it has to be said, that they have focused on Charlie, (except Mercedes, but that’s because I drive a merc, and they know my and my family well), kinda putting me in the corner, which is fine, but I cannot wait for the look on their faces when it’s my cheque that buys the car. So the sum of it is, we probably won’t buy the car we planned to because these sales teams in our neck of the woods are terrible. However, good service might just well be rewarded.


  countesskaz wrote @

Everything in life has a cycle. The car dealerships have got it so easy and so good at the moment that they are blase about good service. They need to remember that the wheel turns…I can tell you some horrendous stories about our local dealerships too….

But on the other hand, aren’t we blessed to be in the position to buy new cars?

  MJ wrote @

Think of yourselves instead of others and go for resale value….

  CR wrote @

I really enjoyed reading this!!! It can be SO EASY, yet they still manage to mess it up!!

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