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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Mountain views

…and so we were off, on Friday afternoon, heading for the mountains. For the most part it was an uneventful trip, but we hit a huge roadblock about 30 minutes from our destination, which held us up for about a quarter of an hour. While it’s frustrating to sit in the traffic like that, it was good to see the police doing their jobs, efficiently, with a smile, searching all the cars, checking all the licenses and number plates. I’m not quite sure what they were looking for, but we were sent on our way, so all in all, a positive experience.

The weekend was lovely. The weather was great – freezing nights, but glorious clear crisp days. On arrival on Friday, I did a quick unpack, a meet and greet with our friends, and then it was time to prepare for the evening’s fun and games. First a blazing fire 20130826-060718.jpg We’d planned a bring and share supper, which worked well, we had everything from devilled eggs, to mushroom soup, to mushroom crostini, to mini pitas and cheese platters. Yum. The other activity for the night was a champagne and nougat pairing. 20130826-060736.jpgI had organised it and my ‘recipe’ was this

  • Villiera traditional Brut – Honey nougat with macadamias
  • JC le Roux Brut – Dark chocolate enrobed honey nougat
  • JC le Roux Pinot Noir Rose – Turkish Delight
  • JC le Roux La Vallee – Honey Nougat with almonds
  • JC le Roux La Fluerette – Honey Nougat with cranberry and almonds
  • JC le Roux Le Domaine – Vanilla fudge and caramalised cashews

The first 3 pairings got the best reviews, but the surprise of the day was the good old Le Domaine with the fudge and nuts, it really worked well. While none of us were huge fans of the sparkling wine, we enjoyed the pairing.

Saturday we got to spend some time on our property, Charlie cleared some overgrowth, cut down some trees, planted some fruit trees. We hope to eventually create an avenue of fruit trees down the side of the property, along the driveway to be. Thandi and I had some special moments together, lying on a blanket in the warm sun, drawing pictures, eating naartjies and building puzzles. She is such a delight, and watching her enjoy that naartjie was quite something – the juice got sucked out, the flesh got pulled apart, and happily munched on, all the while trying to catch the drips of juice running down her hands and wrists. A full body experience for her. She was truly in her element though, with 9 other children to play with; all of them older than her, she had a blast, was mothered to within an inch;she  even declared that Gray was her boyfriend (oooh!).

Saturday night was our Winter Christmas dinner, we set the table in all the festive regalia. and then there was the meal. First off, Charlie and I shared some wine, one of the bottles I had given to him for his birthday 20130826-060617.jpg A lovely blend, reasonably priced. We started our meal with a broccoli and blue cheese soup, served with a sesame encrusted bread stick. 20130826-060602.jpg Then mains was a typical roast dinner – Brined turkey (delicious!), tender lamb, tasty gammon in mustard served with veggies – roast potatoes, honeyed butternut, green beans with bacon and a melanzane bake. 20130826-060627.jpg What a feast it was! We were all full bellied and sated after that. So we retired for the general knowledge quiz, which this year the girls won (yay!). So, once the tummies were settled, it was pudding time – I present to you, my finest pudding creation – 20130826-060641.jpg A Cassata Christmas Tree with rosewater marshmallow ‘presents’, sugar biscuit snowflakes, shards of isomalt ice and coconut snow, and then the snowman, 3 truffles – hazelnut praline, caramel and whisky – stacked and then spray painted with white chocolate. I was quite proud of myself, I have never really taken on anything so elaborate, and it seemed to work well, with everyone savouring their plates. I’m also just impressed I got it to the mountains intact.

Sunday we rose to a clear, but windy day, and set about getting ready for more walks and for us, more time on the plot. Thandi and I went looking for fairies, and do you know that they had been there? We knew this, because they had left ribbons in the trees to tell us they were there, but they hid away, I think the noises grown ups (chainsaws, spades…) make scares them off… Such delight in the child’s face when she found the ribbons, so sweet.

Anyway, then it was home to prepare for the week ahead. I am still busy with my injections, day 7 today, I scan tomorrow…


  Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum wrote @

Hi. Firstly I love your blog and enjoy every post. Just a question, would you mind activating your mobile settings on your blog? Its much easier to read and comment from any cell that way. Thanks

  charliesbird wrote @

will try to!

  MJ wrote @

A lovely week end with far to much food. Your dessert was a real treat – and especially enjoyed that Champagne and Nougat tasting. No. 3 Rocks. Thanks to all for making it so nice – and what a lovely spot too – we will definitely be back.

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