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Cooking escapades

..or is that escapes? I have to say, at the moment, my kitchen is my happy place. I have had such fun the last while, experimenting with new ideas, new ingredients, new techniques; it has been great! We hare going away to the mountains for the weekend with a bunch of mates, and we are having a winter Christmas dinner (Christmas in August just doesn’t have a good ring to it, does it?). As is customary, I have been charged with making dessert – Yippee – and have I had fun! Not to give too much away, but I have been preparing truffles, icing biscuits, playing with isomalt. Tonight I’m doing some chocolate spraypainting!

The isomalt has been quite a discovery, I first heard them using it on Masterchef Australia, and I kinda just ignored it as a random foodie thing that those professional foodie types, then when I heard them using it on Masterchef SA, I figured, if they could, so could I. Isomalt is a sugar substitute, derived from sugar beets. It has a much lower calorie count than sugar, is far less sweet, in fact, it has little flavour. The really nice thing about it that when one caramelises it, it stays crystal clear, and doesn’t go yellow/brown. So you get to make shards of ‘glass’. Everything that you can do with sugar – spinning it, pulling it, you can do with isomalt. It was great fun experimenting with it, even Charlie joined in the fun!

So tonight is finishing touches for this dessert, then tomorrow we travel. I’ll give you all the details and pictures on Monday!

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  MJ wrote @

I have a friend who works for a sugar beet farm / producer in Craddock. It is big business!

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