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Monday night dinner

…I thought of doing another winter warmer, but there are a few recipes I need to keep to myself! So today I won’t be sharing my Portuguese style kingklip in phyllo pastry. (sorry!) But I can tell you it was flipping delicious!

Jacqui and husband came to dinner last night, and that was awesome! I wish they lived here all the time! We even came up with an uber business plan for her and I to do some of the stuff we really love if they did. Girls can talk rubbish and dream! I served them a contemporary waldorff salad, the fish and then finished off the meal with macarons and truffles. We drank some fabulous red wine, and spoke lots of rubbish! It was a great evening! Yay!


  Renee wrote @

Where do you get all the energy from during the week, Your meals always sound so divine:)

  MJ wrote @

So you started the week off with a foodie bang – WARNING: possible decline on Thursday evening.

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

there better be a place for me in the uber business plan 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

For sho! But it’ll require a move back to your home town!

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

I think that the effort expended by J to get the fish recipe deserves the top secret treament

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