Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…barely coping, that is, is what I am doing. Seriously, the stressors of the last few months have really gotten to me now. They have worn me down, such that I am a shell of the bird I was. I feel so broken, far worse than I have been in a long time. Throw in some petty squabbles, and I am left wanting to retreat, hide away, hibernate, move cities…

Enough about me though, lets chat about the chick!

014Thandi has had some awesome experiences of late – planes, trains and automobiles… she has flown to JHB with us, caught the Gautrain, jumped into a hire car and got to see her cousins, her aunts and uncles. We even threw in visits to internet buddies, and she enjoyed it all so much. The highlight of the trip though, was undoubtedly the visit to the JHB Zoo – and what a cool zoo it is, as far as zoos go. She saw monkeys,023

a mountain gorilla, 018

birds, 031

giraffes, 029

lions 033

and elephants. 040 Undoubtedly for us the highlight of the visit was at the lion cage, observing us ‘talking’ to the lion, she decided to climb up onto the railing, and address the lion, “Hello Mr Lion, would you like some coffee?” Needless to say, I nearly wet myself, and I even caught it on video! It probably says an awful lot about the amount of coffee Charlie and I are getting through too! 044

And then we were home, and things quietened down until Saturday afternoon when the girl and I made gingerbread men. 002 Well, they turned into gingerbread zombies, with missing limbs and heads, but they looked cute (as Thandi kept telling me – “Mom, they’re so cute!”) and tasted good! Check out my little bakergirl! 014



  Renee wrote @

Was wondering what happened to you, shame hope you are feelling good again. I have also just been in a hole and not feeling like getting out. But hopefully this week will get better. LOL

  CR wrote @

Your girl is gorgeous!!! Hang in there (although sometimes easier said than done!!!!). xxx

  fudgingood wrote @

No matter how good things are they will get worse and no matter how bad they are they will get better. Hang in there!

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks. Seem to be stuck in a dark hole at the moment… the sun will rise again tomorrow.

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