Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…no, no! Not late night or seals, but that which is a coven of girls getting together in the name of books/Kindles/wine or just plain stokvelling. And it was good! I was the hostess, so dinner was on me, and I planned and primed and prepared (any other P’s you care to share?).

Our menu was this – Contemporary Waldorf Salad (with pears, celery, prawns and walnuts, with a delicious garlicky, lemony, mustardy dressing.) I loved the flavour combination, and the pears were just delicious, ripe, juicy and just divine!

20130710-234415.jpg For mains – I served a trio of sliders (mini burgers if you didn’t get that memo) – Peppered beef with gruyere on a sesame seed encrusted roll, venison (kudu) with cranberry and brie on a brioche bun and lamb in hummus spread pita with tsatsiki. Yummy! It was nice to be able to serve all 3 , because I couldn’t choose which one I liked best! As sides, I served coleslaw, made with skill by Charlie and potato wedges.


And then dessert – my favourite dish of the day – inspired by Ozzie Masterchef’s Matt Moran, I did a take on his deconstructed Rocky Road. I had so much pleasure just out of making it, and then seeing how it all worked together was just awesome! Tubes of tempered chocolate, stuffed with chocolate mousse, rose water jelly and vanilla marshmallows, coconut sorbet and macadamia nuts. Wow! I think my plates lacked a sprig of something – mint, maybe some chocolate drizzle, but the tastes were so well balanced! Yum, yum, yum! A hit for sure!

20130710-234356.jpgAnd it was really good to catch up with some of the girlfriends again. I haven’t seen some of them for ages, and we had some guest stars too- Countess joined us, as did the new MrsSparkey. and it was good to see them chatting to everyone, enjoying the company and just relaxing into the evening. A good night that left me with too few hours to sleep!


  L wrote @

It was fantastic! and I am also feeling the lack of sleep today……..!!!!

  countesskaz wrote @

Internet down, couldn’t comment sooner.

The food you prepared was scrumptious, delicious and wow! the dessert was my favourite….. and the lamb and tsatsiki burger,…… and the mushroom sauce.

The company was perfect. altogether an awesome evening. thanks for the invite. Will have to reciprocate and have you girls up to the farm sometime soon.

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