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Hamba Gahle

…Tata Madiba. The end is nearing for this great man. And I find myself strangely emotional about it. Last night every time I woke up in the night I scrolled through Twitter, watching for breaking news. A bit macabre, but really, just a concern and a care…

If I think about this man, and what he has meant for our land, I loose my breath. He was part of what was perceived to be by the National Party, a terrorist group, who was hell bent in freeing their people. He went to jail, with dignity and pride, suffered through 27 years of incarceration, and was freed a man of forgiveness, measure and wisdom. From our rocky beginning as a united nation, he captained at the helm and sailed us through those stormy waters. And then he sent that ship forth, as he retired to enjoy his new wife, and this new South Africa. I have little doubt, if he were more capable at the moment, he would have had a lot to say about the current management, how they are disappointing and failing us. How the ideals he fought and almost died for are fading fast… Its a sad, sad situation.

Nevertheless. He is a man, a well loved man. Not a deity, just a man, like you or I; to call him more takes away from what he achieved. And when you think about what that young hot headed lawyer from Qunu achieved, it makes you realise that we all have no excuse for our failings or inadequacies. With far less resources, without the internet, with little public support, with laws restricting him he went on to be the finest statesman our world will ever know. And his legacy will live on – not in his money grubbing biological family, but in his greater family, those of us that respectfully call him Tata.

And so to quote Shakespeare, ‘Good night, sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.’

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  L wrote @

That was an amazing tribute birdie, it really hit home.

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