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Administrative nightmares

….argh!!!! I hate admin! Make no mistake, I love it when everything is filed in its place, all sorted out and neat and tidy, but I hate getting it there! And at the moment I feel swamped by admin! There are bills and general paperwork to sort; there are medical education points to log and file; there are patients to refer and sort and seek second opinions on. It’s a little hectic at the moment. And yes, I do know it would be easier if I did it at the time, filed that bill or called that doctor, but you know how it goes… And I am a terrible procrastinator. And it is now catching up with me.

How do you manage your admin? Or do you just pay someone to do it for you?


  Jacqui wrote @

I think the word is not “manage” but “wrangle” admin in my case 🙂

  MJ wrote @

I get paid to do others admin and declutter their stuff so practice on my own… Love the order and structure!

  Alexandra wrote @

You wouldn’t be perfect if you didn’t have at least one fault 😉

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