Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Better now

…not completely, but getting better than I was. A weekend filled with great little stop gaps, seeing Adip, getting to watch John Cleese, Fathers Day dinner at our house, Having some good playtime with Thandigirl. It was all good and restorative.

Friday afternoon ended with a divine massage for Charlie and I, we positively oozed out of the spa and made our way home, where we fed and watered Thandi and ourselves and had early nights all round, recovering from our colds. Saturday morning we jumped into the car, headed off to the neighbouring town, checked in Chez Dip. We had lunch at one of our favourite spots in town (bunny chow for me – yum!), then headed off to a chat with the fab Dr DB (more on that later), a quiet afternoon followed and then after dropping Thandi off on the evening playdate of her little life with Em, we headed off to watch John Cleese. What an experience, definitely a bucket list event. It was nostalgic… not a laugh a minute, he really did a bit of a walk down memory lane, sharing some of his life experiences and then some highlights of his career. The only downside to the evening was that quite early on Charlie and I spotted the cue cards projecting onto screens around the venue, but as he said, he’s an old man! It was really quite an experience. Then it was off to fetch Thandi, finding her playing up a storm, and so happy! She’d really had a great time with Em – Thanks Em’s mom and dad for watching her – you guys are legends! Needless to say, we had our longest lie in ever on Sunday morning!


Sunday after a walk on the promenade and dipping our toes in the sea,

20130618-081337.jpgwe headed off to a special spot down the coast for a brunch. The whales frolicked in the sea, awesome to see. And then it was time to pack up and head home…

Once we got home, I got stuck into a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings and my folks came over for dinner – yum! Another early night for us, I was still quite congested, and tired.

Monday was a public holiday – yay! So after the morning dawned, we headed off to a little touch farm/play ground just out of town, had a great morning there, headed off to the local Home Expo, had a stroll around while Granny watched Thandi for us. and then after Thandi rewarded s with a 2 hour afternoon nap, we headed out to dinner with my associates, a time to catch up and relax.

And now the long weekend is over, time to work again… Have a great shortened week! Before I go, look at Thandi’s delight, playing with her dad!


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  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

beautiful smile! glad you had a good weekend!

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