Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Special times

… there were lots of special times this weekend! From dinner with friends where Thandi outplayed the other kids (playing with a toy vacuum cleaner (?) and still going for it at 21h45!)’ to a helicopter flip over the ocean, (scouting for sardines, but finding a superpod of dolphins); from a roadtrip to the mountains with TAFKAD, to our first family dinner (with Thandi at the table eating with us!). It was good! there was also lots of time to rest and relax, so this body is feeling significantly better, not 100%, but way better than I was.

Sunrise from the chopper was a privilege…

20130610-081558.jpg 20130610-081538.jpg

The superpod – every white splash is a dolphin, incredible. I have never ever witnessed anything like it before.


And a few of my favourite girl, playing in the autumn leaves!

20130610-081934.jpg 20130610-081636.jpg 20130610-081655.jpg

And it was such a pleasure spending time with TAFKAD, I miss her already! (She’s back in Cape Town.) The first thing Thandipants said yesterday morning was where is Aunty?

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  MJ wrote @

all sounds so good.

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