Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…by so much sadness this morning. I arrived to news of a cyclist’s death  in an accident yesterday; personally I don’t know him, but my nurse knows him well, so is very saddened and then came the news that a patient of mine, who I delivered 2 months ago, lying in ICU after an attack on her farm… she’s not conscious, it’s all very sad…

You know Life is so so tenuous… We live every day, and I think most of the time don’t appreciate what we have… So this week I am going to count some of my blessings… I have a Charlie, who is my rock, my love, my completion. I have a Thandipants, who with one cheesy grin melts my heart. I have a wonderful family, blessed with dear friends, blessed with a home and financial resources to make my life easy. I am a lucky, lucky one.


  MJ wrote @

Yes, you sure are – shocking about your patient – did not know about that one. I hope that all works out for her. x

  countesskaz wrote @

very sad the cyclist and the attacked woman. bit close to home that one.

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