Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Back in the saddle the office. I’m back and it is busy, but, thanks to the break, I seem to have some reserves to cope with all of this, and we’ll see how I go. There doesn’t appear to have been too much drama while I was out of the office – either with patients or staff – thankfully.

The break has done us good. We relaxed for the week, then had an amazing dinner on Friday night at a pop up restaurant at a friend’s place, with an awesome wine pairing. The wine was all from the Cedarburg estate, and was impressive. The meal began with a Asian trout broth – delicious and clean on the palate, paired with the Sauvignon Blanc, which was fruity and complemented the broth well. Next up was Colcannon (Irish soup of potato and cabbage) which is way nicer than it sounds, served with a vetkoek stuffed with mozzarella and sundried tomato; again, served with the Sauvignon Blanc. Then it was onto Chicken Savoyarde with Risi e Bisi (a light pea risotto) served with Chenin Blanc, which was lovely, light wine, again pairing well. Next on the menu was Slow roasted pork, with pears, chorizo, squid and beans , served with the Merlot, blended with Shiraz. Now I am not a pork fan (cured, like bacon I love), but I could appreciate that this was a really well prepared dish, with good strong flavours and balanced well with the beans. The wine was delicious, until we tasted the pure Shiraz, which was divine! The next course on offer was Lamb shoulder confit, on olives, with a potato and carrot puree, lovely, tender delicious lamb, served with a gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon. Dessert was a, Apple and Brandy Galette with rich custard, served with the Bukketraub , which was just a magnificent end to a gorgeous meal. I must say, I definitely felt the wine the next day, a glass with each course is rather a lot! But oh, so worth it!

Saturday we headed off to one of Charlie’s best mate’s weddings, which was lovely! I haven’t downloaded my photo’s yet from the weekend, when I do, I’ll post  them. And I’ll do a full report.

For now, though, sadly, I must work. Chat again later!

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  Renee wrote @

So glad you had a good time xxx

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