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Morning giggles

…so this morning on the GC breakfast show, this woman called in telling Gareth he was so naïve to listen to the news, she read on the internet that this whole Boston thing is a massive conspiracy theory, and its a protest against tax on ammunition… she went off a little, going on and on about but she saw it on the internet… Loved his response, did you hear that they found the big foot, aliens really did land at Roswell… And she hung the phone up telling him he was wrong! And she called him naïve! Thanks for the morning giggle, lady!

But she does raise a point. How much do we believe? The newspapers – well they sometimes have their own agenda – as demonstrated by the ‘award winning’ article on infant mortality which failed to grasp basic statistics. The internet – we all know about the kooks out there, who have their own platform now.TV and radio – well, they aren’t much better than the print media. Eye witness accounts – again, we all know about broken telephones and how each person interprets things. So, I guess the lesson is, take what you read/see/hear with a pinch of salt. Use some discretion and make judgement calls. How good those calls you make are is dependant on your education, life experience and wisdom. Don’t be a blind believer, but watch out for the charlatans. And maintain a healthy sense of humour!

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