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Friday musings

…I got chatting on twitter last night to someone I have never met before, know only via the computer. And it got me thinking about how interactions have changed. How we meet people, communicate and socialize.

As a teenager, I loved the telephone. I could spend hours twirling that twisty cord around my fingers, nattering to friends who I had just left at school half an hour previously. What we had to talk about, I don’t recall, but talk we did, I suppose about all those clichéd teenage girl topics – boys, friends and enemies, clothes, our parents… We’d mooch around at each others houses, talking some more.. It was all quite personal.

I remember the first time I had an email account. I was at varsity, and didn’t really get the fuss. Only my tech geek boyfriend of the time and a few other med school peeps could email me, and I didn’t see the point, really. I still loved the telephone, and cursed the 10 minute cut off they had installed on the ‘tickey’ boxes on campus.

Then email became a whole lot more mainstream. And I learnt to embrace it. I graduated from letter and card writing, to emails. I still loved the phone though…

And then in the blink of an eye social media erupted. I was slow to the uptake – rather weary of friending, following, poking and tweeting – but now I have embraced it. And how! I’ve been blogging for 5 years almost (Gosh, you guys are long suffering) and have really fallen for twitter, sorry FB, I’m moving along with the times here. Isn’t it just amazing how fast things have changed? Now I have a hate-hate relationship with the phone – it symbolises work and an interruption of my personal space. My heart sinks every time the phone rings, when previously it used to sing with joy. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a good natter on the phone with my mates, it is just a mental exercise to take the call. SMS, What’s App and iMessenger have taken over so much of the phone chats though, I seldom get to have one. And now I meet new and interesting people on twitter, ‘introduced’ to them through the 1 or 2 people I do know and yes, they’re superficial and surface ‘relationships’, but I it feels a bit like the tearoom at res or at the various hospitals I’ve worked at, where we’d get together for half an hour/an hour, natter and catch up on the days events, before carrying on with our day. Someone posed the question the other day about twitter as to how you view the platform – work, coffee date, mother’s committee? And my answer was it was a bit like book club – a place to chat if I want to, watch and learn when I don’t want to. I’m stunned with how far we have come in 20 years… Personal interactions vs random stranger meetings on Twitter.

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