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WInter rising

…so, moving on from the brief and indistinct autumn we had, it seems that the next big cold front of the winter has arrived. It is freezing today! And by freezing I mean 18 degrees Celsius. Yes, I know… Pathetic really.

SO, with the arrival of the cooler weather, it is time to start thinking of all those winter traditions we have – soup and good bread (thank Heavens for La Crumb and Son), slow roasts, stews, wine, port… hmmm…all foodie things. This year we’ll be using our new fire place too – a eco friendly bio fuel burner. Yay! And this year there will be a fair amount of training, if I am to run the Knysna half marathon again! Eeek!

I think I might swing a more foodie slant to the blog for the next few months, sharing my favourite winter warmers with you guys. How does that sound?


  Renee wrote @

Sounds good sharing winter warmer recipes – need some new ideas.

  charlie wrote @

i’m looking fwd to sharing the recipes on a more one to one basis 😉

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

sounds awesome!

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