Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Back to the grindstone

…for me.

After an indulgent few weeks, I am back to work with vengeance. A few more weekends off, and a few days off in May, but the weeks are full again. And it is busy! Oh well!

These last few days in the Cape were great. I arrived on a cool Wednesday evening, and had a quiet night in with DrHF, soup and a chat, and our souls smiled  sorry that’s a bit cheesy; we laughed like hyena’s, solved the world’s woes and indulged our girly chat genes. Thursday the conference began, and man, oh man, was it good! The quality of the speakers was amazing – there was a large international faculty and it really did teach me a whole lotta new stuff. About what? Well, minimally invasive gynaecological surgery. It was really inspiring to see these maestro’s at work. One day I hope to be a quarter as good as them… with or without a robot…

Thursday night the girls went out to dinner – we ate at Rueben’s at the One and Only at the Waterfront. And while it was lovely, and we really enjoyed it, I did feel that last month’s meal at the Foodbarn was better, and a little better priced too. We all started with the salted squid with lime mayonnaise, I followed with a beef rib eye steak with pommes puree and horseradish cream, as did TAFKAD. DrHF had roast pork belly and Jacqui had grilled kingklip. All very delicious and tasty. I finished with a chocolate cannelloni platter, which was spectacular. so let’s call it a 7/10 kinda meal. Yum!

Friday night TAFKAD and I attempted to get to a foodie festival called ‘A taste of CT’ – what a debacle! The roads were congested, the parking areas were full, so after 30 minutes of trying to get there we called it quits. We ended up back at the Waterfront, at Sevruga, and enjoyed some bubbly with dim sum and sushi instead of joining the seething masses at said festival. Despite our disappointment, it didn’t matter. We got to see each other, natter to our hearts content, and we were really well looked after by our waiter. After a relatively early night, it was back to conference briefly on Saturday morning, before a quick brunch and some final shopping before I hit the road back to the airport.

A few thoughts mulled in my head this weekend… If I had never left CT and never met Charlie etc, etc… would I still be a single gal trying to make my way in the big city? Spending time with DrHF and TAFKAD, I had a lot of time to think through the what if’s… Meeting some old flames also prompted those thoughts too, and you know what, I am really so content and happy now, that I could hardly imagine it. Missing my family really brought home how lucky I am. Blessed really. But blessed in that I have a man who loves me, who I adore, and it works.

Yesterday was an awesome family orientated day. My cousin and his wife came over with their little guy, Jarred, and Thandi and he played up a storm. We met in a nearby park, where bikes were ridden and slides sliden, then it was back to ours for some delicious fresh kingklip on the braai, and a lazy hazy Sunday afternoon. By the end of the evening Thandipants fell asleep in my arms (which she never does), with the TV on (which usually keeps her awake) without any supper. I managed to sneak a bottle into her, and after I had put her down, I checked on her 2 hours later, she was lying in exactly the same spot. All played out! Such a cool kid!


  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

hmm, that fresh kinglkilip sounds good. awesome to see you babe.

  Renee wrote @

So nice to have you back, really miss your blog, seems you had a good time in CT, always nice to come home though!

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