Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Easter review

…wet, wet, wet – and I’m not referring to a 80’s/90’s boy band! It rained and poured, the old man snored…

Up in those mountains, the world turned magical -misty mountains… with a damp, quiet peace prevailing. Inside, the family had fun, Thandi played nicely with her granny, aunties, uncle and cousins – reading stories, playing the guitar, the harmonica and generally being noisy. But she was ever so sweet about it! The rain did mean most of the time we were indoors, but it was good anyway. I was on food duty for the weekend, and really enjoyed that – fish pie followed by lemon polenta cake on Friday night, youvetsi (a Greek lamb dish) and ‘eggs’ (chocolate eggs filled with a cheesecake mix and granadilla coulis)on Saturday, and homemade soup on Sunday, interspersed with meals out. The family seemed to enjoy all those meals, there weren’t many left overs! Yesterday the rain abated, and we were able to have a great stomp on the plot – our corner of heaven…

And now for a few pictures (not taken on our plot, rather the cottage where we spent the weekend)…002 013 014 015 018 022


  MJ wrote @

You should have come for that run after all that glorious food!

  countesskaz wrote @

sounds like so much fun. As usual your food sounds delicious.

Thandi girl growing up to be such a beauty! Charlie had better get his shotgun ready!

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