Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Bookclub review last night was bookclub, or is it now Kindle club? Or Stokvel club? We don’t buy books anymore, we share titles that we have enjoyed on our Kindles, and we save money, so maybe the Kindvel club? We are saving for a weekend away, maybe? We aren’t sure, but nevertheless, every month we save a little money, which is being put aside for soemthing. Whatever it is, will be fun. Because the girls are fun!

There’s MJ – our photographer and listening ear; RT – our legal eagle, with a fabulous tribe of boys; L – our caring and kind fixer upper; JB – our journo, inspiring cook and Angel – the nurse who brings band aids, cupcakes and wine! A motley bunch of good friends. Last night we met at JB’s home – she served us some delicious spicy food options – quesadilla’s stuffed with roasted butternut, chilli tomato’s spring onions (yummy!); harrissa chicken and couscous flavoured with tomoraisins (these delicious little flavourbursts of sundried cherry tomatoey goodness) and she finished it off with a berry baked cheesecake (hmmm….evilness). I drank a glass of the Marklew Pinotage 2009, which was delicious. It was good to talk and relax a bit. Kindvel is our safe haven – we can voice our fears, share our scares, celebrate our joys and never fear judgement or exclusion. That’s testament to the great birds in Kindvel. Thanks Chickens!

In other mommy related news, Thandi made her first wee-wee in the pink potty last night – big ups to Charlie for encouraging and being patient!

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  L wrote @

Ag man you sweet thing! And I love our new name! Kudos to Thandi girl and her pink potty

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