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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 10, spinning

..until I get into the car tomorrow. It is crazy busy. Yesterday was a 2 baby day, this morning started at 06h30, and it’s going to cook! Tomorrow morning scares me, I have 3 scans to do, 3 theatre cases and an appointment with my chiropracter all to get done before 09h00 – eek! Anyway, not quite sure how the stress of planning my day will help my oocytes… hopefully the chiropractic tweaks might soothe them… I feel like I need to talk a bit about these tweaks I am subjecting myself to, you know being a conventional medical person and all. The thing is, while the clicks and clacks he manages to get out of me scare the daylights out of me – I’m not quite sure a body should make those noises – there is no doubt that I feel better after a session, less crock-like and slightly more sprightly. (although often followed by a crushing headache, as all the tension releases) And in a very uncontrolled, totally unrandom experiment, in the 2 cycles where he did manipulate my spine (coincidentally when I went for an unrelated issue) I produced more eggs (5 and 4 as opposed to 2 and 1). So I figure, what do I have to loose – a more limber back and a relaxed neck, and maybe more eggs. Think of me as I travel to the neighbours for that scan tomorrow…


  countesskaz wrote @

good luck for tomorrow

  MJ wrote @

Drive safe and all the best. Those cracking noises didnt do it for me either. xxx

  Donzil wrote @

Thinking of you tomorrow babe.

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks all!

  Renee wrote @

Best of luck for tomorrow, drive carefully!

  Chelsea’s Mom wrote @


  Leigh wrote @

It’s going to be all good xxx

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