Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 9

…and the follicles are growing… Yesterday’s scan was good (for me) with 2 big follicles and 2 smaller ones, so we rescan on Wednesday in the neighbouring city. Just keep swimming…..

The weekend was good, but how is it, that I can feel reasonable all weekend, but as my eyes open this morning I feel shattered again? Weird, or maybe just Monday… Anyway, work wasn’t too bad this weekend, except for admin issues and only 1 baby (a boy, James). I spent some time with my mother at the step down unit, and she is doing so well, and has a nice positive atitude regarding her recovery. I am so relieved to see her like this. Aside from some lazing in the sun and reading, reading, reading I did little else this weekend; just trying to steel myself for what is ahead…



  Renee wrote @

Holding thumbs and lots of prayers for you.

  Donzil wrote @

What are you reading?

  charliesbird wrote @

Just finished ‘The Litigators’ (Grisham); ‘Wonder’ (Palacio) about a boy growing p with a facial abnormality; ‘Gone Girl’ (Flynn) a bit of a psych mystery type; ‘One Hundred names’ (Ahern) loved this one… and am busy with ‘The girl in Times Square’ (Simons)

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