Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Day 5

….tired, tired, tired… I forgot how much these injections exhaust one. Crikey, I can hardly keep my eyes open. And Thandi has even had mercy on her parents and slept well the last few nights, I am yawning my head off. On top of that I don’t want to have too much coffee, becase the withdrawl when I can’t have any really makes me feel delightful. (Yes, isn’t it wierd, I get a withdrawl from just 2 (at most) cups a day!) Matchsticks, where are you?

Sadly Dawny didn’t get out of hospital yet, there wasn’t a bed available at the rehab unit… So we wait. Fingers crossed for today.

In other news, because there really has to be some other news (please God, there is other news!) the purchase of the land seems to be progressing smoothly. We are dotting i’s and crossing t’s, and hopefully that little portion of heaven will be ours by the end of March. Pinterest and I have become good friends, as we plot and plan our dream house – now to find the right people to design it, advise us and bild it. Charlie and his friend, big C are hoping to do most of the work themselves, this is their fun and games time, and we hope to be ‘off the grid’ as much as possible. We have access to water, wood, stone and wind; we hope to get it all right! Right now I can’t wait to get up there again, now that it is ours!

Work has been ticking along – moderately busy. Our new associate seems to have settled in well, and I can already see the impact he is having on the craziness of our days. And it must be said, he is already getting quite busy!

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