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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Dream of Californication

…ah, the Chilli’s were amazing! Charlie and I were blown away, and for him it was a bucket list tick. They are incredibly talented, occasionally noisy, but we loved the concert. They played lots of the old fav’s, some I didn’t recognise, and some didn’t get featured – we missed Scarface and Zephyr… but it was cool!! The acoustics were great, and the visuals amazing. The drummer even had one of those Go-Pro cameras on his head – pretty cool stuff!

The venue – The FNB stadium is amazing too, it was our first visit, and I felt so patriotic, knowing that this was one of our national assets. It looks good, and really is world class! We were also really impressed with the smooth running of events, from entering the stadium, finding our seats, parking, exiting at the end, it all works well!

The rest of our time in JHB was great – seeing our families there; seeing how Thandi interacted with cousins and aunts and uncles. She was in her element. The first word as she woke up on Saturday maorning was cousins! Her cousins are amazing with her, I’m not sure I would have had as much patience at 14 and 11 with a toddler, but they really are sweet with her. Playing, drawing, stories, swimming, chasing… seeing them together makes me ever so whistful…

The shopping was great, but I have to say living in a smaller city has me out of practice a bit! I was quite overwhelmed by how much development has happened in the Sandton area – there are cranes and dust and bustle and people and cars – oh so many cars! And there’s a train, a Gautrain, which is incredible! I do love the JHB vibe, but I really did feel like a country bumpkin this visit!

Following up on that whistful note – I am day 2 today, tomorrow we start the medication…

And on an even more exciting bote, I just became an owner of a plot in the mountains! (more on that to follow!)

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  Renee wrote @

Seems all went well in more ways than
one and congrats on the plot as well.
Holding thumbs for everything else.

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