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Hospital diaries

…despite being a doctor, I really dislike hospitals. I’m not scared of them like some people, but I dislike them. The atmosphere around them seems drained of air, and I always feel empty by the time I leave. Even more so when it is a visit to the ever depressing ICU, and mom is confsed and sedated. Hate those bloody places.

She has come through surgery well. The anaesthetic was fine, the surgery uncomplicated; but she’s an old, very frail lady, and medications knock her, being in a place that is always daytime disorientates her, and I just want to bring her home… But she isn’t ready for that yet. We are hoping that today she will leave the ICU for a general ward, and then her rehab begins, with physio and eating properly. I really can’t beleive we are doing this again… really can’t…

I’m also just struggling to accept how ‘on hold’ my life becomes – one weekend away cancelled, the next one (supposed to be heading to JHB to watch the Red Hot Chilli’s) in jeopardy, and, and, and… and that’s just selfish of me….


  MJ wrote @

Flip, it is hard, hang in there.

  Renee wrote @

Hospitals do give you that feeling, but hand in there, mom will get stronger.
You and your family are in our prayers

  Leigh wrote @

So glad all ok. Lots of love to all of you, especially your mom xxx

  countesskaz wrote @

good luck for your moms recovery. am sure she’ll recover quickly and surprise you all.

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