Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

An ode to sleep lost…

… Thandigirl has gone from being a champion sleeper, with a few going to bed issues to a monster of late. Almost every second night she has started waking at 01h00, and strggling to go back to sleep… Just when we are getting going to sleep down pat (90 min to 25!) Aitog! So its back to the drawing board, and we think it might be time to cut that daytime sleep a little… and see… After a rough week between night calls and feeling sick, I gess I am on duty for her this weekend, please let her sleep, please. I’m also going to try to keep her bsy during the days – playdate tomorrow afternoon, watching a certain ridiculous ferrous race on sunday, the girl will haopefully run herself dry!

In other news, my germs seem to be getting the message, and appear to be buggering off, hooray! Work has been busy. I have a facial this afternoon and a haircut tomorrow morning. And we have a supper date on Saturday night! Hope you all have good weekends!

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