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Give me your opinion

…as I sit here coughing up a lung, sneezing and snorting, and generally feeling awful; would it be out of line to put up a sign in my rooms to the effect of; if you have a cold, flu, gastro or other infectious illness, you should reschedule your appointment with me, and see your general practitioner instead? I am so frustrated by being ill, not only do I take these germs home to my family, and thereby the other children in the complex, and their families; but I spread them to all the patients who see me in my rooms… Damn and blast!


  charlie wrote @

sorry my Love , hope you feel better soon . 😦

  MJ wrote @

I think that it takes so long to get in to see you and your partners that rescheduling because of flu etc… would put a patient off doing so. Maybe wear a mask or a snorkel type device linked to a modified kreepy crawly pipe that is duct-taped to the open window or directly into the air con vent.

  charliesbird wrote @

That’s hysterical!

  MJ wrote @

Yes, I am back! x

  Em’s mommy wrote @

freaking RUDE patients!!!!! but yip u to freaking good at your job and takes to long to see you, so i probably would come to you if i was ill to

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