Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

The morning after…

..the night before. Phew, Charlie and I at least feel a little human this morning, after a very rough Wednesday night, we had a good 8 hours last night. And Thandi played along. Wednesday night had been a horror show. Missy fought the sleep, as usual, and then eventually settled, far later than we would have liked – about 20h30. Then after some supper, lots of time dreaming of that cabin in the mountains, we tumbled into bed. I got called about a patient in labour at around midnight; Thandi then woke up in tears with screeching at about 01h00, and didn’t settle like she usually does. I went out to do my delivery at 01h45, she was still awake, I returned at 02h20, still awake. I took aver from Charlie, but didn’t succeed. At 03h00, he took over again, and I eventually managed some sleep after 04h00… Charlie got about an hour and a half after 01h00…

So last night, we’d read up in Toddler Taming, and decided this was it – some dedicated effort at going to bed was in order. For Thandi, that is… The night time waking of wednesday was unusual, but the fight to go to bed has become more and more problematic. taking longer and longer, the record an hour and a half… so last night was the night, after milk and quiet time, she was put in bed, kissed goodnight, and left (we previously have hung around) and, she got returned to bed when little feet pattered out her room, 3 times. On the fourth time, she got ignored until she misbehaved, then it was time for a little bit of a controlled cry, which despite me melting down half way through (thank heavens Charlie is so much stronger than me) worked. Within 25 minutes she was asleep, and stayed that way until after 06h00 this morning. I’m hoping tonight goes even better.

I’ve largely kept the parenting stuff off here, didn’t want to bore you all, but this sleep thing has been a challenge, while Thandi goes down without a peep in the mornings for her nap, nights have turned into a  nightmare, that I have dreaded so, and it’s also been having a huge impact on the time Charlie and I have with each other in the evenings. After the terror of bedtime, we are both so traumatised, we retreat to corners of the couch and try to recover, instead of having some well deserved adult time. So forgive me this little indulgence.

The weekend looms ahead – I will be working… and we hope to catch up with some friends, and sleep well…

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  Leigh wrote @

It’s so good to hear because it makes us all feel normal! Hope you have a quiet weekend!

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