Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…so yesterday, after finishing in theatre, Charlie and I headed to the mountains, to look at a stream… and the land it runs through… and it looks like one of our other dreams might just be a possibility… maybe even a probablity. Since we have met, these Hobbitish mountains have been dear to us, and we have dreamed of a small piece of heaven there… And now, we are in the process of ptting together an offer to buy our little corner… At the moment it is just land, with forest and water… but one day it could be a holiday cabin, tucked away in the shadow of the yellowwoods and pine trees and oaks… so, so, so achingly beautiful…

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  CR wrote @

Looks gorgeous!!! I lived in that area for a year – awesome place!!!

  charlie wrote @

cannot wait to make it real ! i can almost feel the heat from a crackling log fire while it snows outside …….

  Renee wrote @

I can see that as a perfect getaway place – we heading to the mountains tomorrow cant wait for that fresh air!!

  TB wrote @


  em’s mommy wrote @

Wow! So lucky

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