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Of failing air conditioners

…ok, I concede I am a spoilt brat. I have an air con in my office, car and house; and I cannot cope without them. I also concede that I do not live in the hottest place in the world, but the humidity and heat can be quite special here in my part of the world. I am used to m world be a cool calm 20-22 degrees celsius. And now, there has been trouble in my cool paradise. The office aircon has been causing all sorts of trouble (albeit cool), and the advice was to turn it off overnight and over weekends, now, everyone else’s office has cooled down, but mine… At home, the units seem to be aging, and are coughing and spluttering and only managing a tepid 24-25 degrees cooling. It’s hot, and I am getting bothered… Ok, winge over…

So the weekend has been kind! A facial on friday, time with my family, a celebration of my nephew’s 18th birthday, time with Aunty Donty and a friends’ goodbye to 2012 party. Fabulous time all round! now for some photies of my gorgeous girl, the nephew”s milk stout cpcakes, and the canapes for the party last night!005

018 019 030 031

I even managed a long chat to DrHF last night, and we spoke about our resolutions. I’m going to endeavour to run more, eat less and look gorgeous! What is on your lists?

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  TB wrote @

Get ready for Baby Boucher #2, Dr Birdie! 😉 Therefore should try to get rid of a few kilo’s first!

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