Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

4 years

…ago, I said I will, and I still do… Love you, my Charlie. Loving you for 6 and a half years has been easy, being married to you, a privilege. To infinity and beyond!

So my neices arrived on Tuesday evening, and have we been having some fun! Thandi is loving her cousins, as she keeps calling them, and we are thrilled that Thandi gets to play with them, and that the 2 of them get to know our little girl. The girls are 11 and 14, and such a pleasure. Yesterday morning, after I got back from work (2 baby boys!), we went for tea with Dawny and Pops, and then the girls and I shopped up a storm while Thandi napped, then it was off to their first manicre and pedicure pamper session for the 2 girls, followed by a stroll around a christmas market, and then we all collapsed into bed early – all that fun was exhausting! Today I am back full swing at the office, so it’ll be a bit quieter for the girls, and this evening, maybe some adventure golf? Or maybe a quick visit to the beach house, to my other brother and his family, who arrived late yesterday. My family cup runneth over! Yay! Hope you all relaxing and having fun!

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