Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What a wonderful weekend

…it was! Hot and lovely! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Thandi was a gem, and had a blast with Aunty Heather, Aunty Donty, Livia, Pat and Aunty Jacqui…

There was wine tasting. Thandi didn’t think much of it Cape Town 040. We had some Nitida (recommend their Matriach in red mcc, and their chardonnay), some Hillcrest (a nice Rose) and some De Grendel (a fabulous white blend – Winifred and red blend – Rubbyat).

We did some Christmas celebrating – with DrHF, Jacqui and her Family and TAFKAD, now to be remembered as Aunty Donty, as christened by Thandi. We had delicious crostini to snack, a prawn and melon salad to start, Turkey (brined, ala Nigella style – delicious!!!) with goose fat roasted potatoes (yowzer, best tasting ever!) and a delicioius strawberry semifreddo for dessert, with a few other treats thrown in for good measure! Princess Olivia welcomed us.Cape Town 098

Thandi and Olivia had a great time together.

Cape Town 088And then there was the magic of the aquarium…

Cape Town 174 Cape Town 175 Cape Town 178She had such a voyage of discovery! She squealed with delight at the little fishies, was a bit scared of the big fishies, and loved the smelly penguins. And to watch some tender dad and daughter moments was incredible…

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  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

love the pic of princess O looking very regal and dignifiied albeit with food all over her face 🙂

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