Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

It can’t come soon enough

…the change… in my world – the changes I am looking forward to – a weekend off, catching up with old friends, seeing my neices and the rest of my family, my new partner, some more sleep…

This year has drained me – between IVF, work (the busiest year for me on record) and a busy toddler, my soul has been depleted. There isn’t much left in reserve, and I am now tired. While I am looking forward to the season of joy that is Christmas, I am anxious about being on call for 6 nights on the trot. (bear in mind that although I am on call for my own patients for like 25/30 days of the month, covering our entire, busy practice solo for 6 nights is another kettle of fish entirely!) But the promise of renewal gleams on the horizon, with KC starting in our practice on January 7, I am excited and optimistic about what next year will hold for me.

Tonight I pack, for tomorrow we fly, YAYAY!!!!


  drhf wrote @

Woohoo!! Im putting bubbles on ice!!

  MJ wrote @

Enjoy and lovely photos. xxx

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