Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…Monday, again, seriously? The good thing about it is that it means my weekend on call is over, and there are 4 more sleeps until we fly to CT! Yay! But it does also herald the start of a busy few days in the office. My books are full, my theatre list for Wednesday is full, and my tank feels rather empty. Oh well. Here we go again.

The weekend was ok; from a work point of view there were some unfortunate timed emergencies, domestically I managed to do quite a bit. I tackled the cupboard under the stairs. I don’t know if you have a dumping zone, but ours is the cupboard under the stairs, so I finally got annoyed and decided to sort it out. A quick trip to Plastics Warehouse and some adequate storage (I got boxes on wheels – such a fabulous idea!!!) and then home to sort and tidy and toss… That was such a fabulous sense of achievement once I got that right. I also made some jams and preserves for Christmas – yummy!

In other news, I am so pleased to hear that Angel has recovered from all her weird and interesting lurgies, and is back home – get well, Chicken!

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