Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Crafty bones

…so last night I finally finished one of my big crafty projects for christmas, today I have to hope the other suppliers don’t let me down and that it will be done in time for the big day! It was really good to just get stuck in and finish it, even though towards the end it was a very difficult task. I really hope my recipients enjoy these projects as much as I have enjoyed getting stuck into them. Now just some paper crafts to tackle, and my christmas should be virtually sorted!

Yesterday Charlie’s nephew got capped in our provincial cricket team – he’s playing under 18, despite being under 16 actually, so there are lots of hopes riding on him! We cooked a bit of a slap up meal for him and his mom last night, it was good to share in his excitement and his mom’s pride. They get to share my now legendary fillet with caramelized onions and goats cheese, and I whipped up an apple and gooseberry crumble to warm my husband’s heart for dessert. Yum!

Sorry about the morbs yesterday, somehow things are just a little close to the surface at the moment, and I am feeling a little fragile. It will pass, and I will be fine. Have fab Thursdays ya’ll!

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